Wintan Electronics supplies PA systems, portable PA systems, live and studio microphones, wireless microphones, mixers, amplifiers, active speakers, passive speakers, 100V School PA systems, bell timers, microphone cables, guitar cables, AV cables, effects units, audio processors, lighting dimmers and desks, stage lanterns, lighting bars, data projectors and screens and much, much more. Please contact us for pricing of what you need.

We can design a PA system, projection system or lighting rig to your budget and offer full installation.

With the current requirement to migrate wireless microphone frequencies due to government legislation, we can offer the right upgrade path. Wireless microphone suppliers have many trade in deals at present for complete wireless microphone systems and portable PA Systems that incorporate a wireless microphone. Alternatively,  we can swap over wireless microphone modules in larger portable PA Systems at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a complete new portable PA System. 

Brands and products we supply are too numerous to mention, so contact us for all your PA System needs.